.Surrounding oneself with top-shelf musicians is not hard in the city of Chicago.  Louise has found several exceptional players with whom to join forces. Her piano/bass duo with bassist Martin Stonikas has entertained audiences at Parker’s Steakhouse as well as hotel lounges in downtown Chicago.



Gemini Strings, a trio hatched through Backthird Entertainment, performs regularly at weddings and corporate events.



Her last album, Cave Paintings and Silent Movies, was a project produced and engineered by K-Nein of the acclaimed Chicago band, Oblio and Arrow.   

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 10.37.46 PM

She is engaged in her sixth year teaching chorus and music at Hillside School, a K-8 elementary school in

(pic of Hillside choirs)

Hillside, Illinois. A graduate of North Central College, Naperville, she was awarded the Clarence Junke Outstanding Music Student Award.  In 2016 she completed her Masters of Music Education Degree from Vandercook College of Music, Chicago. Professional Teaching Portfolio


Currently, Louise is recording her third album, “Two Gardens,” scheduled to be released in February, 2018.   


What are people saying about Louise Kelly’s music?  Steve Richart, J.D. has this to say “I love Louise Kelly’s soulful singing and melodic tunes.  If you haven’t listened to her CDs or seen her perform her own music live, you are really missing out!”  

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